Index Chart-TAIEX
2005 TSEC Market Highlights Market Activities
Listed Companies Market Performance Trading Activities Investors
Market Activities
Market Performance
Monthly-average & Yearly-high-low
of TAIEX(1986-2005)
Monthly-average & Yearly-high-low
of TSEC Taiwan 50 Index
Daily TAIEX in 2005
Daily TSEC Taiwan 50 Index
in 2005
TAIEX Annual Growth Rates
TAIEX and Trading Volume in 2005
Market PER and Dividend Yield
PER, Dividend Yield & PBR by
Industry Group Year-end 2005
Monthly Average Market Spread of
Constituents of TSEC Taiwan 50
Index in 2005
Monthly-average & Yearly-high-low of TAIEX(1986-2005)

Base Year : 1966 Average = 100

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