Taiwan Stock Exchange FACT BOOK 2014
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2013 TWSE Market Highlights Market Activities
Listed Companies Market Performance Trading Activities Investors
Market Activities
Listed Companies
Listing Statistics(2009-2013)
GDP & Capitalization for Stock
Capitalization for Stock by Industry
in 2013
Top 30 Companies for Stock by
Market Capitalization in 2013
Number of Newly Listed and
Delisted Companies (2009-2013)
New Listings in 2013
Delistings in 2013
Fund-raising Activities of Listed
Companies for Stock on TWSE
Financial Status of Listed
Companies for Stock (2008-2013)
Sales and Earnings of Listed
Companies for Stock (2008-2013)

GDP & Capitalization for Stock (2009-2013)


GDP & Capitalization for Stock (2009-2013)

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