Taiwan Stock Exchange FACT BOOK 2014
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2013 TWSE Market Highlights Market Activities
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Market Activities
Trading Activities

Stock Trading Volume and Value

Stock Trading Volume and Value by
Industry in 2013
Block Trading Volume & Value
Annual Trading Value by
Shareholder Structure (2009-2013)
30 Most Active Stocks in 2013
(by Volume & Value)
Annual Gainers in 2013
Margin Trading (2009-2013)
Credit Balance of Margin Trading
Securities Borrowing and
Lending Monthly Statistics in 2013
Securities Borrowing and
Lending Statistics in 2013
Securities Borrowing and Lending Statistics in 2013


(1,000 Trading Units)
(NTD million)
Fixed price - 18
Competitive auction 6,038 391,140
Negotiated 24,680 1,014,907
Total 30,718 1,406,065
Note : The above statistics are figures for stocks.
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