TWSE Press Release

Regal Holding Co., Ltd. received approval from the Listing Review Committee of Taiwan Stock Exchange for Primary Listing

Publish Date︰2017/02/07 18:12

The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation held its 661st Listing Review Committee meeting on Feb. 7th, 2017 and approved the application of Regal Holding Co., Ltd. for primary listing.


The basic information about Regal Holding Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 4807) is as follows

1.Company Address: The Grand Pavilion Commercial Centre ,Oleander Way, 802 West Bay Road, P.O. Box 32052, Grand Cayman KY1-1208, Cayman Island

2.Paid-in Capital/ net worth at the time of application for listing(in thousands): NT 339,200/637,274.

3.Chairman and Responsible Person: Phacharapon Phaiboonsuntorn (Representative of Solar Jewelers Group Corp.)

4.Underwriter: SinoPac Securities Co. Ltd.

5.Profit before tax (in thousands):

(1)2013: NT$55,435

(2)2014: NT$102,595

(3)2015: NT$339,155

(4)The first three quarters of 2016: NT$260,310

6.Earnings per common share:

(1)2013: NT$1.53

(2)2014: NT$2.43

(3)2015: NT$5.96

(4)The first three quarters of 2016: NT$4.46

7.Main product: Jewelry products.

8.Geographic markets for the sales: Thailand 58%, America, Europe, and other countries 42%. (the first three quarters of 2016)

9.Proportion of shares held by the Board of Directors:9 seats on the Board, comprising 63.91% of the total shares outstanding. (as of Dec. 9th, 2016)