TWSE Press Release

Yuanta Filed an Application for Qualification Recognition of the “SZSE CHINEXT PRICE INDEX”

Publish Date︰2017/02/21 14:31

According to the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE), Yuanta Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd. filed an application today (February 17) for the qualification recognition of the SZSE CHINEXT PRICE INDEX.  This is the third application filed by SITEs this year for ETF underlying indices.

TWSE stated that, according to the information provided by Yuanta, the SZSE CHINEXT PRICE INDEX tracked the performance of the A stocks listed in the ChiNext Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The index is compiled by Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. The constituent stocks are the top 100 stocks in terms of their market value and liquidity in the ChiNext Market of the Shenzen Stock Exchange. TWSE further indicated that, with the increasing diversity of ETF products in Taiwan, investors were offered more investment options to improve the effectiveness of asset allocation.