TWSE Press Release

Educational Seminars for the 2017 Corporate Governance Evaluation Begin on March 1

Publish Date︰2017/02/21 16:02

The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) started implementing the corporate governance evaluation system three years ago, and listed companies have paid close attention to indicators, scoring scheme, and results of the evaluation. To further engage and work with listed companies to better understand more about the content of the 2017 Corporate Governance Evaluation, encourage them to adopt better corporate governance practices, improve the quality of the shareholders meeting  and in response to the mandatory e-voting requirements of listed companies starting in 2018, the TWSE , TPEx and TDCC will hold five educational seminars in Hsinchu, Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung starting on March 1, 2017.


TWSE emphasizes that many important 2017 evaluation indicators have been revised and additional bonus items have been added to differentiate the level of corporate governance and its practices within individual companies. These additional bonus items include encouraging listed companies to hold their AGMs before the end of May, publish financial reports within two months after the end of a fiscal year, set up functional committees other than statutorily required committees and sign collective agreements. The TWSE also recommends listed companies to arrange earlier planning to achieve these results. In addition to focusing on the revised content of evaluation indicators, the TWSE has also invited representatives of Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation and Taiwan Stock Affairs Association to share the advantages of using e-voting and how properly managing stock affairs can achieve a higher score based on the design of corporate governance evaluation indicators. Their sharing will also include an introduction to relevant regulations.


The TWSE hopes that the educational seminars can help listed companies to understand the evaluation content more deeply and assist them in enhancing the quality of shareholders meeting and strengthening domestic corporate governance practices and to raise Taiwans overall global positioning and competitiveness in the international capital market.


The TWSE added that since corporate governance evaluation was implemented in 2014, listed companies have greatly increased their corporate governance practices and this has drawn the attention of foreign organizations and investors. As the content of the upcoming educational seminars matches practical needs, over 2,000 people have enrolled for the seminars and space is quickly closing. The TWSE reminds all listed companies to sign up as early as possible on TWSE website