TWSE Press Release

Strong H Machinery Technology (Cayman) Incorporation received approval from the Listing Review Committee of Taiwan Stock Exchange for Primary Listing.

Publish Date︰2017/03/06 18:19



The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation held its 663rd Listing Review Committee meeting on March 6, 2017 and approved the application of Strong H Machinery Technology (Cayman) Incorporation for primary listing.

The basic information about Strong H Machinery Technology (Cayman) Incorporation (Stock Code: 4560) is as follows

1.Company Address: Harbour Place, 4th Floor, 1003 South Church Street, P.O. Box 10240, Grand Cayman KY1-1002, Cayman Islands

2.Paid-in Capital/ net worth at the time of application for listing(in thousands): NT$580,000 / NT$1,143,456

3.Chairman and Responsible Person: Chi, Ping-Hsin (Representative of Imperial International Co., Ltd.)

4.Underwriter: Fubon Securities Co. Ltd.

5.Profit before tax (in thousands):

(1)2013: NT$231,698

(2)2014: NT$272,777

(3)2015: NT$252,283

(4)The first three quarters of 2016: NT$193,910

6.Earnings per common share:

(1)2013: NT$2.67

(2)2014: NT$3.17

(3)2015: NT$2.91

(4)Third quarter of 2016: NT$2.23

7.Main product: Industrial Sewing Machines Knives.

8.Geographic markets for the sales: China 67%, America, Europe, and other countries 33%. (the first three quarters of 2016)

9.Proportion of shares held by the Board of Directors:7 seats on the Board, comprising 48.71% of the total shares outstanding. (as of Dec. 8, 2016)