TWSE Press Release

TWSE announced the securities trading disposition measures as shown below:

Publish Date︰2017/07/07 18:04



According to TWSE statistics, TAIEX closed at 10,297.25 on July 7, 2017, down 97.82 from last week's (June 30, 2017) 10,395.07, a decrease of approximately 0.94%. The FTSE TWSE Taiwan 50 Index closed at 7,852.95, down 86.75 from last week's 7,939.70, a decrease of approximately 1.09%. The Formosa Index closed at 11,794.56, down 114.03 from last week's 11,908.59, a decrease of approximately 0.96%.

The total trading value for year-to-date was 11.16 trillion NTD on the TWSE market.

The total market capitalization of TWSE-listed stocks amounted to 30.56 trillion NTD at the end of this week.

(The above information is from preliminary statistics. The transactions data does not include the block and foreign currency trading data of the last trading day this week)