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TWSE Announcement 2017/11/8:Securities Trading Disposition

Publish Date︰2017/11/08 18:26

TWSE Announcement 2017/11/8:Securities Trading Disposition

TWSE announced the securities trading disposition measures as shown below:

1. Securities Name/Symbol: SHUTTLE INC. (SHUTTLE)

2. Disposition Period: 2017/11/09 to 2017/11/22

3. Disposition Measures:

i.   The trade matching will be manually conducted once every five minutes


ii.  A securities broker shall pre-collect a minimum of 100% of the

consideration (for a buy order), or the securities (for a sell order),

for a single order of 10 trading units (or more) of the securities in

question, or a multitude of orders of 30 trading units (or more) in

aggregate of the securities in question.

iii. For margin trading, a securities broker shall collect in full the

margin requirements upon the receipt of a trade order, except in the

case of an offset transaction.

4. Reason of Disposition: Trading of the securities in question has, for three

consecutive trading days, met TWSE's *"Attention Securities" criteria.

*"Attention Securities" are securities which are traded in a certain

period exceeding the prescribed criteria such as price volatility,

turnover rate, and other factors.

For details, please see "TWSE Rules for Announcement or Notice of

Attention to Trading Information and Disposition".