TWSE Press Release

2017 Q4 Institutional Investor Conferences of Foreign Companies Listed on TWSE will be started on November 13.

Publish Date︰2017/11/10 10:17



On November 1, 2017, the TWSE published the first issue of “The Taiwan Monthly,” the e-newsletter for institutional investors, to keep them updated with the material information in Taiwan’s capital market. This is part of TWSE’s e-marketing initiatives, providing diversified information on TWSE’s progress and achievements in trading policies, new products, corporate governance, listed companies and initial public offerings, as well as international cooperation. By catching new avenues in which, institutional investors can augment their understanding of Taiwan’s capital market.

Foreign investors have accounted for over 24% of trading value this year; in addition, their market cap is 42%. To provide better services for global institutional investors, the TWSE has been diligently attracting foreign capital through face-to-face communication on the competitive advantages and recent achievement of Taiwan’s capital market. In the future, the TWSE will incorporate monthly e-newsletters into its e-marketing strategies to share the latest news on Taiwan’s capital market. In the first issue, the TWSE covers various updates including the relaxation of securities lending system, an introduction to the diversified ETF market, new stocks issued, the significant improvement in the quality of shareholders’ meetings, and TWSE roadshows and happenings. Through the feedback from newsletter subscribers, the TWSE can capture institutional investor needs and preferences more precisely, optimizing the sharing to enhance Taiwan’s positioning as a preferred investment destination.